About Us

We are the Vanguard!

Created by some of the most experienced people from across the Salesforce ecosystem. Award winning professionals who strive for implementation excellence while providing the ultimate customer service experience. We partner with the best ISV’s and recruit the best people who embody the Vanguard values.

The Four Vanguard Values

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Virtuosity in our people

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Velocity to results

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Veracity for Customer success

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Value for your Investment

Value & honour for all

There are many principles we hold dear. Core to our beliefs are that our customers, partners & employees are treated honourably at all times and know that we value them deeply and strive to deliver value to them.

About the Founder

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James Collett, Founder of Vanguard

James is the Founder and CEO of Vanguard Cloud Consulting. Prior to this he was on the leadership team of a Platinum Salesforce practice in London, following his time as a Salesforce employee, James had many successful years including being awarded Top Account Executive in EMEA!


During this time James also returned to higher education completing his post grad in Business Management. Upon leaving Salesforce James took a leadership position at the UK’s leading Salesforce Platinum consultancy in London to further develop his knowledge of Salesforce implementations. James went on to launch Vanguard Cloud Consulting who have been widely commended for their new and deeply customer centric approach helping them become the fastest Partner in Salesforce history to achieve Silver Status!

With 30 years business experience, almost a decade in Salesforce there are few people who have James’ unique understanding of the Salesforce world. His experience and relationships across Salesforce Internally, its partners and customers have afforded him with a knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem unknown to the majority of those who work in it. Recognised for his philanthropic James founded a specialist Salesforce events organization that raises much needed funds for charity through sport and entertainment and now with Vanguards recently formed academy our CEO is looking to make available course placements for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


James has experience in many Industry sectors from start up to Enterprise and is passionate about helping businesses realize their full potential using technology.