Implementation Academy

Vanguard Cloud Consulting, a leading Salesforce implementation partner in the UK and Ireland  launched the Vanguard Implementation Academy  in 2020 and todate have helped over 100+ business develop their admin and implementation skills to successfully manage their salesforce instance.  Talk to one of our team today.
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VIA Salesforce Implementation Workshops

Learn how to self implement Salesforce with a guided step by step workshop Led by a world leading Salesforce trainer and former Principal Customer Success Manager Fran Donaghy! Learn how to navigate Salesforce and get the most from your solution over 6 mornings.

Perfect for new to Salesforce companies or those looking to refresh or train a new joiner/admin.

Upcoming Training Dates

May 2023
June 2023
July 2023

Day 1 - One week before the workshop

  • Getting Started with Salesforce
  • Overview of the platform, terminology, sandboxes
  • Intro to Trailhead.  Basic online training to prepare for the workshop. Prerequisite Trailheads – Approx 8 hours Study
  • Requirements gathering ready for workshop
  • Review business process to drive the implementation
  • Review implementation Guides

Day 2

  • Overview of Data Model – Standard & Custom Objects
  • Company Information – review company details, locale, currency, multi currency, Advanced  Currency Management
  • User Profiles – Review standard profiles  – create one custom profile
  • Set Up & Manage Users – create up to five  new users

Day 3

  • Configuration –  Create up to five Fields and add to Page Layout
  • Security Model – Set Organisation Wide Defaults, Role Hierarchy, Sharing Rules

Day 4

  • Lead & Sales Processes – create one process for Lead or Opportunity
  • Web To Lead – Prep HTML for W2L and create one auto response rules
  • Assignment Rules – set up one Lead assignment rule

Day 5

  • Products & Price Books, Quotes, – Create one Price books with upto three standard products
  • Campaign Management – Create one Campaign

Day 6

  • Data Import – look at the tools available, use Import Wizard to import data
  • Reports & Dashboards – standard reports and create a custom report/create one dashboard
  • Outlook/Gmail Integration, identify the connectors that are available and discuss the installation process

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